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Regain control of your company and your life! End the frustration of underperforming employees, high turnover, and stagnant growth. Get ready to

get back on track!

Let’s GO!

You’ve worked hard leading your company’s C-Suite.

Now What?

You’ve built your manufacturing business from the ground up.

Now What?

Growing up in a small town, I developed a strong work ethic and a ‘get it done’ attitude. I’ve always been inspired by my father’s love for cars, and I share that passion – especially for FAST cars. I’ve incorporated that discipline and enthusiasm into a unique tool kit for steering business leaders.


Just the road ahead

Why wait?    Act Now!

End the monotony and join the Pit Crew. A community of business leaders who want more!

Create a high performing culture. When you apply the right techniques you will begin to see your team perform better. You will learn the first steps for effective leadership and how to apply simple techniques to increase productivity and service.

Join the Pit Crew

Meet and work with

successful owners

like yourself

Gain knowledge to

overcome the daily challenges

of business

Get expert guidance

from others who have been there done that

What do you want to create for your business

  •    Implement more controls and efficiencies
  •    Greater employee retention
  •    Productive meetings that get work done
  •    Ability to attract great talent
  •    Focus on growth instead of putting out fires
  •    Improved quality of life